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Web App Iconifier for Google Chrome

Web App Iconifier helps you to create a hosted app for Google Chrome Webstore. Just edit its details, upload your web app icon, adjust it and download it as a zip file ready to be uploaded to the webstore. This is a simple web application which works offline thanks to html5, no need of internet connection to use it. How to use: Click start button and complete the form You can preview the manifest.json source code Upload or drag&drop your icon picture You can select an area to crop and resize it, adjust margins, position, filter, and use a template to guide you to use the suggested icon size by Google. Once ready, click next button and you will see a simple preview of how it would look like on the real Google Chrome new tab. Click download and you will see this dialog Click compress to package all the required files, and once done you will see a green button, click it and your download will begin. That’s all, now you can test it with the browser and if all went w