Windows 8 Start Screen Customizer



Windows 8 Start Screen Customizer, is a tool that customizes Windows 8/8.1 StartScreen as its name suggests.


  • It changes the StartScreen background picture immediately, no need to edit system files, you can even close it after changing.
  • Since the changes are volatile, i.e., they dissapear on Windows restart or explorer.exe restart, you can set this tool to start with Windows.
  • Three ways to use:
    - Single picture mode: You can choos a single picture and select the area you want to use it as background picture, click Apply&Save button and that's it.

    - Desktop wallpaper as background picture: You can also set your desktop wallpaper as the StartScreen background picture. And if you hide this application, it will monitor system changes and see if the wallpaper has been changed to update accordingly, it is recommended to use a group of pictures as your Windows desktop wallpaper, so you can enjoy a different picture everytime you access the Start Screen.
    - Slidehow: If you just want a different set of pictures as a slideshow, you can set it as Slideshow, it will cycle pictures in seconds (intervals that you can change), and also randomized.
  • Gaussian Blur effect: If you like a blur effect in your background picture, you can select this option (not reccommended for big screen resolutions as it takes its time).
  • You can restore the original background pictures with a click.
  • There are handy shortcuts to change your color accents and also the system wallpaper.
  • You can modify the opacity of the StartScreen, and also the Tiles' opacity (limited to a dimmed effect).
  • You can also reduce the amount of rows the Tiles are shown, it depends on your screen size.
  • When click Hide button, it will stay in the systray.


  • Pictures are set as static background only.

  • It is compatible with Windows 8 RTM or newer, older versions are incompatible.

      English version 1.3.8

      English version 1.4.10

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      1. Laramjo
        Tengo windows 8 pro con media center -- no me funciona
      2. daf
        Excellent utility. Thanks!
      3. Anonymous
        working in my windows 8 Pro with Media Center
        That Great ! but heyy How do you change the taskbar like that ??
        • vhanla
          I'm using Space Blueberries 4.8 by Neiio
          with UXStyle Core Unsigned Themes Windows service.

          and NetSpeedMonitor by Florian Gilles
      4. Andrew Warfield
        Hi - this is great, I would like to run the app for all my users as a start-up script, is that possible?
        • vhanla
          It is possible, but not exactly from this tool (I will add that for next version).

          So... you can add an entry to RUN key in Windows' Registry (regedit.exe)
          Currently it saves the run at startup in
          Win8StartScreen = application executable full path

          You can manually add that entry to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE instead, and it will load for all your users.
      5. Doug
        Love the idea. However it does not work, at lease for me in any mode. I am running Windows 8 Pro as well and am using the English version.
      6. Anonymous
        Funciona de maravilla con Windows 8 Pro sin WMC 64bits.
        Ahora quisiera tener tu barra de inicio, la del escritorio clasico..
        Puedes compartirla?
        Y gracias por app.
      7. dallo
        It works very well. Great job !
        I miss something. Can we set background's opacity to 0% and keep tiles' opacity to 100% ? If we can't, could you do it ?
      8. Unknown
        The only issue I have is when I'm using multiple monitors and my main monitor is smaller than my second monitor and then the background image on the Start screen (when I access Start from the second monitor) does not cover the whole screen. Otherwise great app.
      9. Nico
        link didnt work because this: The user hosting this content is out of bandwidth.

        pls notify me if you change the download server