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Netflix Viewer

Netflix Viewer 1.2  for OSX This is a simple desktop application for Netflix, it is just a wrapper for its website.

It will allow you to watch Netflix on a separate window giving you the following advantages:

Stand alone applicationUses Safari's session, so you won't need to login to Netflix from within this application if that makes you feel comfortable (optional).TopMost feature, in order to watch while doing something else.It has a look of a native application, 20% by now. Supports Yosemite and Mavericks.


Silverlight.OSX Mavericks | OSX Yosemite

Known bugs:

Fullscreen and topmost leaves the window container on top, it is recommended to disable TopMost feature if you want to enter into Fullscreen mode.
Workaround, otherwise, use Cmd+Shift+F instead.

You can always edit the .css files located in the application's package in order to improve the appearance.
Download Netflix Viewer 1.2.dmg