Netflix Viewer 1.2  for OSX

This is a simple desktop application for Netflix, it is just a wrapper for its website.

It will allow you to watch Netflix on a separate window giving you the following advantages:

  • Stand alone application
  • Uses Safari's session, so you won't need to login to Netflix from within this application if that makes you feel comfortable (optional).
  • TopMost feature, in order to watch while doing something else.
  • It has a look of a native application, 20% by now. Supports Yosemite and Mavericks.


  • Silverlight.
  • OSX Mavericks | OSX Yosemite

Known bugs:

  • Fullscreen and topmost leaves the window container on top, it is recommended to disable TopMost feature if you want to enter into Fullscreen mode.
    Workaround, otherwise, use Cmd+Shift+F instead.

  • You can always edit the .css files located in the application's package in order to improve the appearance.