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DeskTopFast v1.3
Author: Victor Alberto Gil <vhanla>
UPDATE: October 8th
- Fixed too much flickering on Windows 8

Special version: Windows 8 metro style like (3D animation on launch)~>[link] this is an alpha version, maybe buggy.

This application let's you show your Windows Vista/7/8 Desktop icons
on top of any application, so you can launch your applications fromç
your desktop, without the need to minimize all of your opened apps.
- Use arrows keys and return now, escape to exit.
- It is aware of multimonitor configurations, but non support for it.
- It will show the icons, even though they're hidden on the desktop.
- Windows Vista / 7 / 8
How to use:
Pin the application's executable to your taskbar to launch it easily.
On launching it, it will show the desktop icons so you can double click
on them to start other apps.
In Windows 7/8 you can use the Win Key + number (position order) of the pinned
to launch it with a hotkey.
Right click to close it, or doble click on a blank space.
BTW: It also works with Fences [link] as shown on picture above, but you might need to restart explorer or reboot windows.


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