MD Pad – A markdown textfile editor and viewer for windows

MarkDownPadv1MDPad v1.1

MDPad is a free MarkDown files viewer and editor for Windows.

The goal is to facilitate editing and viewing your offline markdown files offering a HTML preview and export features.


  • Edit markdown file
  • Preview them
  • Expor it as HTML file
  • Print it
  • Open it directly from explorer


  • Renamed to MDPad from MarkDownPad since it already exists a similar software
  • Added status bar
  • Added wordwrap support
  • Added editor scrolling sync with the preview
  • Added portable capabilites with ini file
  • Fixed arrow navigation in the html preview
  • UTF-8 Support to exported HTML
  • Fixed focus lost after alt-tab when HTML preview only
  • HTML Preview zoom (move your mouse near the bottomright of the application to see it)

MDPad is based on Pagedown.

How to install

Only Windows

There is no need to install it, it is a standalone application. However, if you want to register your files with .md .mkd .markdown extensions to open directly from Windows Explorer, you need to do the following.

Make sure you have this application in a reliable folder.
Then go to menu
And Register file extensions

How to use

You only need to write in the editor following the markdown guidelines.


If you're not familiar with Markdown, you should spend 15 minutes and go over the excelent Markdown Syntax Guide at Daring Fireball.


Download HERE


[UPDATE 2016]

There is a new version available to download and test, it is still in beta stage, since some functionalities are not working properly. However, you can still get it to try it by yourself.

  • Added new Markdown “engines” (preprocessors) as well a native preprocessor.
  • Added custom style sheet to give it a nicer preview style to the markdown visor
  • Added editor theme color and syntax highlighter
  • Spell checker (not yet enabled)

DOWNLOAD IT HERE MDPAD v1.3.3beta [virus total report here]
SHA256: d4683764d40b49b913042d3dd55690034b53099ddc9112a630ad95ed643bb0ed
File name: MDPad.exe


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  1. Zero4
    Could you please link another download location. Box.net has exceeded it's bandwidth.

    Thank you, I look forward to using this app.
  2. x
    Nice tool and starts up blazingly fast! It would be nice to have a switchable engine (to switch to vanilla or github flavour).