LastFM Scrobbler plugin for Aimp 3


[DEPRECATED] Since Aimp updated its LastFM plugin which doesn’t force you to install LastFM client anymore.

Maybe you don't want to install the official LastFM client in order to send your songs' information to Last.fm.
With this plugin you can scrobble directly without that software be running for the sole purpose of communicating with the default Aimp3 plugin.
This plugin uses a small executable as a scrobbler intermediary, this is because Aimp 3 plugin system for some unknown reason doesn't allow internet connection from within plugins.
You should put this files inside Aimp 3 Plugins directory.

  • LastFMScrobbler.exe
  • LastFMScrobbler.dll
Once plugin enabled, you can authorize your account with 2 steps:
  1. Click on Authorize: It will open your default web browser and you will be asked to authorize it.
  2. Once confirmed on the web, return to the application dialog window, and click on Confirm button and that's it.
As you can see, this plugin doesn't ask you for your password. You can enable scrobbling in settings dialog window.
Notice: your username and token data are saved to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Aimp3\LastFM registry location
Bare in mind that it will scrobble those songs with at least the following information:
  • Track name (song name)
  • Artist, and
  • Album

v1.2 Fixed issue with unicode ID3v1 /ID3v2
v1.0 Release date: 01-06-13



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  1. Anonymous
    This plug-in awesome. Thank you for all efforts. I'm using it always. But sometimes I got en error log from LastFM. Says "Invalid method signature supplied". I noticed that this happens when title or artist name contains special characters like "_", "&", "'" or some language specific chars etc. Wanted to inform you. Thanks again.
  2. Anonymous
    Dude I was wrong. It only happens (i think) at "&" character. When I change "&" character to "and" LastFM sends back XML as "Lightning & Group". So I think you should convert "&" characters to "&".
  3. Anonymous
    Well, this comment thing changed everything. I put spaces, XML is: <artist corrected="1">Lightning & amp ; Group</artist>
  4. Unknown
    This comment has been removed by the author.
  5. Anonymous
    Hi! thanks for the plugin, but I had installed the version 2 of AIMP
    but I have AIMP3
    for those who have problems with special characters and accents
    should go to:
    1) "preferences"
    2) Language
    3) to convert Unicode text equivalent we have to choose:
    1252 (ANSI - Latin I)

    I have no problems with the characters and identified.
    I hope you learn, Greetings! ^ ^
  6. Unknown
    Hi! thank you for nice attempt!
    I have only one track submitted during last 5 hours of listening...
    all of my tracks are properly tagged
    I decided that I need to keep plugin window always opened, and now it's scrobbling...
    is it possible to make plugin working when it's window is closed?
  7. Anonymous
    cant download ((((

    The user hosting this content is out of bandwidth.