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Win-X Privacy Helper


Win-X Privacy Helper v1.5

This utility helps you to protect yourself from Windows 10 Telemetry features, as well from other unwanted/risky websites specially ads. It also allows you to uninstall Windows Store apps.



  • Enable or disable Windows 10 Telemetry Services with a simple status viewer, if everything checks (✓), it means that the telemetry services are stopped and disabled.
  • Unwanted domains blocker using the Hosts file, with reknown third party sources easy to download and choose from
  • Windows Store apps uninstaller, launcher and contents viewer (directory).


.NetFramework 4.5.2
Windows 10 Home / Pro

This is a freeware tool for Windows 10 only (x86/x64)

You will be able to:

- Disable Windows 10 Telemetry Services

- Block unwanted domains (websites) using the Hosts file   

- Uninstall Windows 10 Applications, including not uninstallable apps, except Windows Store for obvious reasons
   (but if you insist I could allow it)

- Open Windows 10 Applications directories

- Launch Windows 10 Applications

- Hosts edit box is read only, it will only show the domains in your Hosts file which are not in the banned hosts lists i.e. if your hosts file already has some of the domains in the checkable list, it will not be shown
   in the edit box.

Known Issues:
  Hosts section might be slow on first accessing, specially if you downloaded all those third party banned hosts lists,  since the application will evaluate each one in order to find duplicates in your existing Hosts file, it requires  a little bit more time to evaluate them.
  Hosts Downloads/Updates are slow due to the servers speed, it might make the app unresponsive, just be patient.
  Some third party security tools might block the Hosts file not allowing to save any changes for unwanted modifications.

The application only does some manual adjustments a little bit easier, it follow the steps shown on many online tutorials that
gets the same results.


Notice: if you are going to enable a lot of domains to block with HOSTS file, you might notice that SVCHOST containing DNS Client will start to consume a lot of CPU, and HOSTS file will be locked so you cannot modify it with this tool until it caches all the entries to lookup.

If it persists you might try restarting DNS Client Service (“services.msc” and maybe forcing by disabling it and enabling it again will retry caching) or you just can disable it but it might impact some applications which requires this service to be running.


DISCLAIMER: This application has been released for free, and the author gives it as is, you are the only one responsible  of its use.



Easy to choose domains in order to block them with HOSTS file


You can also download third party HOSTS lists, they are located in the same directory of this application so you can edit them or replace them, but it will be overwritten if you download again (update)


Windows Store apps simple manager: You can start them, open their directories with one click and Uninstall them



Download from Here or Here


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