TaskbarDock is a tool that will customize Windows 10’s Taskbar with few extra features.
This is a WIP (Work In Progress) project, which has the following features planned.

  • Center taskbar icons (relative to its area or relative to the screen)
  • Transparency for taskbar option (incompatible with other tools) !important
  • Hide or show taskbar’s start button and/or tray icon area, but visible on mouse hover
    It will have more features which are not available yet like:
    • Taskbar’s area with skins
    • Pinned icons editor with custom icons
      • Group pinned icons switchable to another group
      • Different icons for Windows 10 may 2019 update light theme
    • Tile docks similar to Windows 10 Start Menu tiles
    • Stacks similar to MacOS dock stacks

      Change pinned icons with custom ones
    Apply colors or images to taskbar areas (very experimental not included yet)

    How to use:

    Uncompress to a writeable folder and execute the program. It will hide its icon in the Tray Icon area (the are where is the clock at), there you can enable or disable the current features. Just right click that icon and it will popup the options for this program.
    This an open source project under MIT License en you can get its source code at GitHub - vhanla/TaskbarDock or download the preview releases at Releases · vhanla/TaskbarDock · GitHub

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